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What I can offer:

  • Workshops covering all aspects of CLIL
  • Introducing new TTO teachers to CLIL
  • Building on basic CLIL knowledge and helping and encouraging teachers to actually use CLIL didactics within their lessons without frightening them!
  • Re-freshing and inspiring experienced TTO CLIL teachers
  • Embedding CLIL into lessons and  the TTO programme
  • Personal one on one lesson observations, specifically looking at the CLIL aspects of the lessons and helping teachers with their CLIL skills
  • Specific workshops moulded to a school’s particular aims, for example giving feedback with a CLIL lesson or encouraging speaking within a CLIL lesson or encouraging lexicon development from BICS to CALPS etc.
  • Adding CLIL aspects to projects or exchanges
  • Working with school management, explaining CLIL and its value within a TTO lesson and what to look out for when observing a CLIL lesson.


I can easily develop a workshop specifically adapted to the aims of the school's TTO department

The workshops length can vary from a half- day’s course, a full day or even multiple days and can include follow up visits to see the effect of the workshops within the TTO department.

Individual CLIL coaching is also possible

If you would like to book a workshop or would like more information about how we could work together and my fees, please
mail me at info@Clilworks.nl  or fill in the contact details on the next page. 

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Jackie de Waal