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About me:

I am Jackie de Waal, originally from Liverpool, England and I am passionate about CLIL. To me it is a “no-brainer” it is just good practice!
In January 2022 I set up a small company to enable me to share my passion for CLIL. The name of my company is CLILWORKS and this is what I believe! Good CLIL teaching inspires pupils to use English in the classroom and helps achieve higher cognitive and linguistic levels. It reignites passion on both sides of the classroom reaping rewards all-round.
Until December 2021 I was the head of a TTO department at the Beatrix College, Tilburg. I had set up the TTO department in 2010 and when I left we had successfully achieved our junior and senior TTO accreditation. My TTO teachers were known as the CLIL Billies as one of the achievements I was most proud of whilst working at the Beatrix College was enthusing all my TTO teachers to use CLIL didactics in their lessons visible to all, including the Nuffic inspectors during our visitations.
I am a qualified Drama and English teacher and have taught both in England, the Caribbean and the Netherlands.  This unique combination of drama, English background, teaching qualifications and management experience has led to my belief and passion that CLIL is the perfect tool for teaching within TTO. I am able to share this enthusiasm with a group of teachers in such a way that makes them want to use CLIL in their lessons, not to be scared of CLIL and to see how CLIL can in fact be simply and easily worked into their programmes.
Since starting my company I have been busy working in schools all over the Netherlands. (see below ) My workshops are both inspirational and practical. I practice what I preach and make the workshops as CLILy as possible. Teachers work on their CLIL skills and their English at the same time. I have also been working together with schools for a more extended period, rather than the one day workshop. This has been particularly rewarding for myself and the schools where I have been invited. I have been able to observe lessons and give feedback on level of English, the teacher’s use of CLIL didactics. In addition, if required, looking at the pupil’s actual use of English, sometimes a particular sore point for TTO departments. By working with schools for a longer period I am able to help with more specific aims and give more direct feedback on a one to one basis and help the team to move forward and consolidate their work.

Reactions and schools where I have given workshops:

 Ik heb vandaag (28/11/22) aan mijn collega´s feedback gevraagd en zij kwamen tot de volgende quotes:

  • Goed toepasbaar in de les
  • Verfrissend!
  • Veel tempo in de cursus
  • Lekker praktisch!

Het was een leuke cursus en het enthousiasme was aanstekelijk!
Zeer positieve reacties gehad!
Bedankt voor de topdag en wellicht tot snel! " Marijke de Jonge, Dr.Mollercollege, Waalwijk

Thank you very much for your inspirational didactics yesterday (17/01/23).....Thank you for your positive vibe and I have a feeling we have started a positive startup for the coming months about "CLILy" lessons.  Lisa Speckens | Coördinator tweetalig onderwijs mavo - havo - vwo bovenbouw, Jan van Brabant College, Helmond.

Jackie, from the colleagues I've spoken to..... you've made quite an impression and so far everyone is happy with the "results". Ties van Limpt, after a series of lesson observations at Pius X College, Bladel 16 - 20 Jan 2023

“Jij ook bedankt voor de mooie cursus, Vooralsnog zijn er alleen maar positive reacties…… bedankt voor je inspiratie.” Pascalle van Tulder, Jan Tinbergen College, Roosendaal

“De docenten waren enorm enthousiast. Een collega heeft toevallig een lesbezoek gedaan en ze zag dat hij aandacht voor CLIL had in zijn les – het was dus uiterst effectief. Ik ben er echt blij mee.” Gertjan Gosens, Cobbenhagen Lyceum, Tilburg

Ik heb even rondgevraagd aan de docenten en stagiaires die er gister bij waren en allemaal vonden het leerzaam en vooral bruikbaar in hun lessen. De cursus is erg goed gevallen en daar zijn we blij om!  We kijken uit naar het vervolg in december.”  Najoua Achefai, Hervormd Lyceum West, Amsterdam

Feedback from Hetty Vriends RSG N.O Veluwe “Mine would be: Easy, applicable, inspiring new ideas even for old hands in the business!”

Nuffic, TTO Coördinators trainingen, Utrecht
Nuffic VMBO network meeting, Bunnick
Jan Tinbergen College, Roosendaal
Cobbenhagen College, Tilburg
De Goudse Waarden, Gouda
Marnix College, Doorn,
Elde College, Schijndel
Nehalennia SSG, Middelburg
Beatrix College, Tilburg
CSG Walcheren, Middelburg
Carolus Clusius College, Zwolle
Wartburg College, Rotterdam
Hervormd Lyceum West, Amsterdam
RSG N.O. Veluw, Epe
TTO Limburg: Sintermeertencollege, Heerlen en Sint-Janscollege, Hoensbroek
Dr.Mollercollege, Waalwijk
Jan van Brabant College, Helmond
Pius X, Bladel
Cambreur College, Dongen
CSG Willem van Oranje, Oud-Beijerland