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How to improve the quality of CLIL teaching within your school and give CLIL a boost.

Feedback I have received after recent workshops and lesson observations:

Jan van Brabant, Helmond lesson observations and workshops: June 2023
Concrete situatie-bespreking, met direct toepasbare tips en eye-openers over Clil in eigen klaslokaal. Ook inspiratie voor toekomstige lessen.”
Concrete feedback en goede tips. Waardering was erg fijn. Ik voelde me gezien.”

"I read the observations ......... Amazingly well observed, written and advice."

Most people were very enthusiastic about your courses and observations, so that is definitely something that we might want to continue in the future and something for you to be proud of.”

CSG Willem van Orange, Oud Beijerland June 2023

First of all, the fact that we had a CLIL training to begin with is very helpful. I have been teaching TTO for three years, but never recieved any CLIL specific training of this sort. The amount of practical examples that Jackie brought are very inspiring and easy to translate to my own subject. I also like the 'practice what you preach' style of teaching that Jackie applies. This makes the examples easy to understand.
The workshop also served as an inspiration to start working on a cross-subject project and English speaking skills. So thank you to Jackie for the inspiration
.”   Yannick Schoenmakers.

I have been appointed as a CLIL coach and the many workshop ideas allowed me to re-evaluate my own lessons. In fact I have created an additional range of speaking lessons for my classroom based on the inspiring activities. I have also become even more aware of elevating language in my classroom.”  Danielle Kleijwegt

I always say keeping a team using CLIL is like spinning plates, not an easy task.  Once you take your eye of one plate and neglect it, it becomes unsteady and eventually stops spinning and falls off.  As a TTO head of department or coordinator you have to constantly keep your team interested and inspired in CLIL so that teachers remain enthused and wanting to use CLIL in their lessons. It is an area that can quite easily become neglected, that is why it is important to provide teachers with opportunities to re-new or develop their CLIL skills every school year. The more teachers use CLIL in their lessons the more the pupils benefit and become used to the didactics and are willing to work creatively in lessons.  Using CLIL didactics in a lesson is obviously beneficial to language development, additionally it creates more motivated teachers and pupils. NOW is the time to get those plates spinning again!

I can help your school’s development and improve the quality of teaching with in your TTO department

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