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The past 2 schoolyears I have worked with many TTO departments across the Netherlands, providing the following activities:
• Workshops introducing new TTO teachers to CLIL
• Building on basic CLIL knowledge and helping and encouraging teachers to actually use CLIL didactics within their lessons without frightening them!
• Refreshing and inspiring experienced TTO CLIL teachers once again to use CLIL in their lessons
• Specific workshops moulded to a school’s particular aims, for example giving feedback with a CLIL lesson or encouraging speaking within a CLIL lesson, encouraging lexicon development from BICS to CALPS etc.
• Personal one on one lesson observations, specifically looking at the CLIL aspects of the lessons and helping teachers with their CLIL skills
• Lesson observations directed at assessing the English level of TTO teachers
• Working with school management, explaining CLIL and its value within a TTO lesson and what to look for when observing a CLIL lesson so they can include this area of competency in the teacher’s assessment cycle
• Working with native speakers so they can fully utilise their command of English within their TTO lessons
• Helping TTO coordinators develop their CLIL and language policies

I can easily develop a workshop specifically adapted to the aims of the school's TTO department

The workshops length can vary from a half- day’s course, a full day or even multiple days and can include follow up visits to see the effect of the workshops within the TTO department.

If you would like to book a workshop or would like more information about how we could work together and my fees, please mail me at info@Clilworks.nl  or fill in the contact details on the next page. 

Looking forward to hearing from you and to working with you and your team.

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Jackie de Waal, Goirle May 2024